LED Lighting Systems

Night Time Curb Appeal & Visible Walkways

LED Lighting Systems

LED Lighting systems have the ability to make your home look phenomenal at night, and they provide much needed light to your patio, walkways, and other outdoor living spaces.

"From the minute I contacted Adam at Cliff, Inc., he and his team did everything within their control to help my husband and me find the right design for our budget."

- Sabrina Campbell

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What kind of budget should you expect?

Tier 1

$ 2,200 And Up
  • 10 Fixtures
  • 150W Transformer
  • Timer System
  • Covers Small to Average Home Front

Tier 2

$ 2,800 And Up
  • 15 Fixtures
  • 300W Transformer
  • Timer System
  • Covers Larger Home Fronts

Tier 3

$ 3,500 And Up
  • 20 Fixtures
  • 300W Transformer
  • Timer System
  • Covers Larger Homes, Paths, & Back Yards

We have provided the above examples as a sample of what you may be able to accomplish with the budget that you have available. Every project is unique and has different challenges and needs, so pricing can vary widely.

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